Company Background
Teleport Bangladesh Limited is one of the affiliated concerns of Sheba Group. The company was founded in 2007 and is involved in telecom business. Teleport plans to establish a significant footprint in Bangladesh telecommunication industry. We believe that the highly experienced team in Teleport will allow us to position ourselves as the primary provider of communication services in the markets where we intend to serve and let us bring about qualitative lifestyle changes through the introduction of innovative and affordable telecom services.
In 2008, Teleport (along with its partner Augere Holdings) won the nationwide WiMAX License by bidding USD 32 million. The company operating under the brand name “Qubee” launched commercial WiMAX services in Bangladesh in 2009 ushering in an era of 4G wireless data standards in the country. Visit for further details.
Teleport is also involved in the marketing, sales, distribution and support of Kenxinda smartphone handsets in Bangladesh.
To make life easier by offering efficient and quality telecommunication connectivity in Bangladesh and beyond.
To make broadband wireless services easily accessible in all our target markets through innovation, teamwork and socially responsible corporate practices.

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